In addition to leather coats we can repair and recondition your favorite leather handbag or briefcase! 

LEATHER HANDBAGS: Does your favorite handbag have a rip in it? We can repair it like new! Leather coats are an investment and when they become worn or damaged,  they can be repaired and rejuvenated to look like the day you bought it!



Leather Coat Mail-in Forms

WATER & STAIN REPELLENT: Protect your investment from future damage.

ODOR REMOVAL: Cigar and cigarette smoke, pet odors, and mildew can all be professionally removed from your garment.

REJUVENATION TREATMENT: This service includes cleaning, with an extra treatment applied to the leather, cleaned, than conditioned. Your leather coat or garment will look like new again.

BUTTONS: We can replace missing buttons (If supplied )  or adjust loose buttons 


Print Shipping Form (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).
Mark rips, tears, stains or other damage with tape or Post-it note. Include any extra material you may have for each garment.

Ship using US Postal Service, UPS, Federal Express or any other shipping method to the address below. Duramend assumes no responsibility for items while in transit, so you may want to insure your shipment if it's contents are valuable.

For a quote prior to work being completed please be sure to mark the "Quote Requested" box on the Shipping Form. Exact quotes cannot be provided over-the-phone as we need to examine the garment. 

Please allow 2-3 weeks service time (not including to or from shipping time). Prepay or pay over the phone with your credit card. Local customers can stop by and drop off your apparel.

CLEANING: Overall cleaning. This service can help preserve the longevity of leather apparel with scheduled cleaning.

COLOR RESTORATION: This service includes cleaning and enhancement of missing color and finish.

REPAIR TEARS: We can repair tears, V-tears or cuts, straight tears, deep gouges and scratches.

STAIN REMOVAL: Stains can be safely removed from your garment. If we cannot remove the stain, there is no charge.